The ‘Dutch Rootprint’

In the context of the Dutch contribution to global agribusiness, the NVLJ accepted the IFAJ’s request to be the host of the IFAJ2018 World Congress. The NVLJ will organize the congress in close cooperation with Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the institute that celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2018.

During the road towards the congress, phase one will be about exploring the position of the Dutch role in global agriculture. Which impact does the spreading of skills, knowledge, products and genetic material of the past have on today’s world in general, and, more specific, to global agriculture? In other words, what does the ‘Dutch Rootprint’ look like?

In April 2017, South Africa hosts the IFAJ World Congress. From then on, the organizers of the Dutch Roots congress will form their program together with participants in journalism, business, research, science and government. With our basis in the Netherlands and a network through Dutch connections and IFAJ member unions, we will look in phase two for worldwide challenges to be solved.

With this in mind, phase 3 – the congress in July 2018 – will be the stage where participants meet to explore solutions for the future. Will skills, knowledge, products and genetic material with Dutch Roots attribute to the further growth and flowering of agriculture worldwide?