Tours programme, 13-14 July 2018


There are 2 tour length variants you can choose from: day tour and 2 day tour.

You will be travelling through the Netherlands, visiting several entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector. The tour days will be rounded off on Saturday the 14th in Noordwijkerhout.

‘Dutch Dairy Diversity’ (2 day tour)

Learn about Dutch Dairy Diversity

The ‘Dutch Dairy Diversity’ tour is the tour for journalists worldwide who want to experience the depth of Dutch Dairy. With visits to a wide variety of entrepreneurs and business concepts, as well as a dairy factory and practically-minded scientists, we literally take in Dutch dairy farming in all its facets, from opportunities to threats and challenges, in just two days. Read more >>

‘Sustainable Crop Production’ (2 day tour)

Learn about Sustainable Crop Production

Dutch crop growers are masters of efficiency. The production per square meter is one of the highest in the world and Dutch knowledge and seeds are a popular export product. But an intensive approach alone is not blissful. During this two-day tour we will meet Dutch farmers who try to combine efficiency with sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word. Let’s go into the fields!

‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ (day tour)

Learn about Sustainable Urban Delta

The tour gives you an impression about agricultural production in densely populated areas. The Netherlands has a worldwide reputation in growing with scarce space, farming in an urban environment as well in the city, handling raw materials and energy economically and working creatively with water management and water use. We will show you both the opportunities and challenges of the Delta. Read more >>

‘The Circular Way of Farming’ (day tour)

Learn about The Circular Way of Farming

Introduction to several developments connected with circularity. How do we use our resources? Which new resources are available for different agricultural sectors and what potential do they have? Is this a development for the well developed countries or are there perspectives for broader implementations and can the developments and techniques or the knowledges be transferred to other sectors, countries or parts of the world?

‘Much More Than Agriculture – Urban Delta’ (day tour)

Learn about Much More Than Agriculture - Urban Delta

What drives these farmers to develop a completely different branch than milking cows or growing potatoes? What can they offer customers, participants and guests? How does the multifunctional agricultural sector develop and how much money is involved? Is the farmer-citizen connection in a densely populated country like the Netherlands important and how do they contribute to this connection? Read more >>

‘Veal Calves, Beef Cattle and Sheep – Urban Delta’ (day tour)

Learn about Veal Calves, Beef Cattle and Sheep - Urban Delta

Beef cattle, veal calf and sheep farming are less well-known sectors in the Netherlands. Yet they are sectors of significance. In terms of production volume, Dutch veal calf farming is one of the largest in Europe. In veal calf farming one can distinguish two segments: white meat and rosé meat (young or old). The meat and sheep sectors are more modest in size. Due to expensive production factors, entrepreneurs in these sectors often excel in creativity, distinctive ability and production for niche markets. Read more >>

‘Pigs and Poultry’ (day tour)

Learn about Pigs and Poultry

The Netherlands has a worldwide reputation in the poultry and pig industry. With low input and high output, we developed the intensive livestock farming as an innovative and efficiency industry. But the downside of success is that the well-developed society is the biggest criticaster of their own farmers. We will show you why the Netherlands takes the frontrunner position and we will give you an idea of our society discussions.

‘Urban Dairy Farming’ (day tour)

Learn about Urban Dairy Farming

In a densely populated country like the Netherlands with more and more citizens watching over the farmer’s shoulder, it is a challenge to farm in a way that withstands the social test of criticism. This tour through the Green Heart of the Netherlands shows that very different roads can be taken towards this challenge. The Green Heart is an agricultural area that is roughly sandwiched between Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

‘Flowering the World’ (day tour)

Learn about Flowering the World

Get acquainted with the Dutch floriculture. We pay a visit to the epicenter: flower auction Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer. The international marketplace where more than 50 million flowers and plants are traded every day. Unique in the world!

‘Produce From Field to Fork – Smart Farming’ (day tour)

Learn about Produce From Field to Fork - Smart Farming

You will get an insight in the world of fruit and vegetables from ‘field to fork’. The Netherlands is a global player in the field of fruit and vegetables. The fruit and vegetable cluster is the Netherlands’ third export sector which exports fresh fruit and vegetables to 150 countries across the world.

‘World of Manure’ (day tour)

Learn about World of Manure

There is not another country in the world where important nutrients like manure are stored after an explicit technical proces of manure collecting, weighing on board analysis, gps-tracking and storage. Maximum efficiency provides a sustainable future while farming in the urban delta.

‘Smart and Silt Farming’ (day tour)

Learn about Smart and Silt Farming

This arable tour takes us to a number of special entrepreneurs who dare to think a step further than others. Smart farming applies to all of them. Close to the coast farmers deal with salinisation of the soil, just like many growers in the Netherlands and other sea deltas in the world.

‘Animal Genetics’ (day tour)

Learn about Animal Genetics

This tour will visit farmers looking to improve farm economics, herd management and genetics.

‘Potential of Circular Economy’ (day tour)

Learn about Potential of Circular Economy

The circular economy tour addresses alternative protein sources for food and feed, local products, recycling of food for feed and bio-energy. You will visit production sites and farmers and meet with scientific and practical researchers, producers and farmers along the way.