Exploring Nature Never Stops

Dedicated to developing the best vegetable varieties


Bejo is a leading company in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds. With operations in more than thirty countries, we are an internationally oriented family business. Our 1,700 employees are dedicated to developing the best vegetable varieties for the present and the future.

Close to nature


Together with our customers and partners we actively explore market opportunities and innovative research methods. We stay close to nature to develop the best vegetable seeds so growers around the world can harvest healthy, flavorful varieties for consumers to enjoy, today and in fifty years’ time. To ensure this will be possible, Bejo is committed to keep organic an integral part of its business.  In the 1990’s, Bejo was among the first breeders to start this long term and sustainable approach. We will continue to do handle our natural resources with care, for ourselves as well as for future generations.

Boundless: the Bejo story


The family run company Bejo is the result of the merge of the companies of two true pioneers in seed breeding: Cor Beemsterboer and Jacob Jong. They started specializing in the selection and breeding of cabbage, carrots and onions over a century ago. Watch the interesting history of Bejo in this video.