Dutch Dairy – Innovations in emission

The Dutch agriculture and the dairy sector in particular are under heavy political and social pressure to reduce emissions. The radical interventions planned by the government have led to violent farm protest. It is clear that the farmers have to react to the new challenges.

The Dutch Guild of Agricultural Journalists NVLJ, the Stichting Dutch Roots and ENAJ organise a press trip covering possible approaches to emission reductions. The approaches have measurable positive effects to the environment and don’t strangle agriculture in the same time. The two day trip will combine practical challenges, scientific knowledge and business approaches offering solutions (on farm).


Friday, March 24

7.30 am Breakfast
8.20 Departure Wyns
8.45 Arrival at Dairy Campus
9.00 Welcome by NVLJ

Introduction to Dairy Campus and the emission challenges

Kees de Koning, director of Dairy Campus


Insights in Nitrogen challenge – farmers perspective

Trienke Elshof, farmers union, responsible for the nitrogen dossier

10.30 Coffee break

Science road to solutions

Ernst van den Ende, director of Animal Science Group, part of Wageningen University & Research

12.15 pm Lunch break

Excursion at Dairy Campus

Participation of Kees de Koning, Bert Philipsen, Harmen van Laar en Hendrik Jan van Dooren

15.30 Tea break

Solutions: what are the changes for Dutch Dairy – an interactive discussion

Femke Wiersma (BBB)
Sieta van Keimpema (DDB)
Ernst van den Ende (WUR)

17.30 Departure to Restaurant Wannee
18.00 Drinks and dinner
21.30 Return to the accommodation


Saturday, March 25 (to be confirmed)

8.45 am Departure to farm 1

Dairy farm: Herman Miedema, Wyns

Excursion on farm – impact of emission rules and regulations on daily routine of farming

Highlighting the sustainability goals of feed company Agrifirm, their policy to contribute to the UN climate goals and the way they formulate feed to assist farmers in their efforts to meet demands of society.

11.00 Departure to farm 2

Arrival at farm 2

Dairy farm: De Deelen, Tijnje

12.00 pm

Presentation of Lely Sphere

Presentation of Bovaer

12.30 Lunch at De Deelen, courtesy of Lely
13.30 On farm excursion of the farm De Deelen, cheese producing farm

Arrival at farm 3

Fam. Heide, Hoornsterzwaag


Excursion on farm – impact of emission rules and regulations on daily routine of farming

Highlighting On the way to Planet Proof, Nourishing a better planet and the role of the dairy company in the production chain that works towards a sustainable future. Reducing emissions, what in it for the farmer?

16.30 Departure to accommodation
19.00 Buffet dinner at the accommodation

Sunday March 26

9.00 – 11.00 am Breakfast and departure


The problem


Caroline van der Plas

Caroline van der Plas – Boer Burger Beweging

Femke Wiersma

Femke Wiersma – Boer Burger Beweging

Press trip day 1

Where science meets practice
Day 1 (March 24th) will be spent on Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). This farm is the research and training centre of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Dairy Campus is an important intermediate between scientific research and practical application. The activities of Dairy Campus focus on developing a sustainable dairy supply chain. Director Kees de Koning will give a brief introduction to dairy campus to kick of the program of the day.

More information on Dairy Campus: About Dairy Campus – Dairycampus

Keynote speakers
The emission challenges in dairy will be addressed by Trienke Elshof-Witteveen of farmers organisation LTO Noord (national farmers organisation). Mrs. Elshof is responsible for the nitrogen portfolio and represents the farmers union in different national and regional platforms on farm emissions. She discusses the matter with policy makers and nature organisations. In these discussions her challenge is to make sure any measures that are planned, are suitable and practical for (dairy) farmers.

Trienke Elshof – Witteveen (Website LTO Noord, Dutch)
Over LTO (Dutch)

Ernst van den Ende, head of the Animal Science Group of Wageningen University & Research, will highlight the emission research that is coordinated by the agricultural university. This research has a broader scope than just the animal and its role in the emission challenge. The Animal Science Group holds a lot of departments that focus on the emission reduction in animal husbandry, and also addresses the animal in the circular economy. By bringing this expertise together the Animal Science Group contributes to finding answers for the emission challenge both in developed and under-developed countries.

Van den Ende has been in charge of the Animal Science Group since January 1st, 2022. Before that he was head of the Plant Science Group.

dr.ir. JE (Ernst) van den Ende – WUR
Research & Results – WUR

Dairy Campus tour
The tour over the premises of Dairy Campus will focus on the solutions for emission challenges, but also offers an opportunity to see some of the other innovations that are subject of research by WUR.

Kees de Koning, director of Dairy Campus, will guide us over the premisses. Furthermore, some of the researchers themselves will be available to explain about specific research that is done at the Dairy Campus. The researchers are:

Bert Philipsen, specialist in animal nutrition, ing. AP (Bert) Philipsen – WUR, more about livestock research: Wageningen Livestock Research – WUR

Hendrik Jan van Dooren, specialist in emissions and manure valorisation, ir. HJC (Hendrik Jan) van Dooren – WUR; more about livestock research: Wageningen Livestock Research – WUR

Harmen van Laar, specialist in animal nutrition, dr.ir. H (Harmen) van Laar – WUR; more about the animal nutrition group: Animal Nutrition Group – WUR

Interactive discussion:
Solutions: what are the changes and/or chances for Dutch Dairy

Discussion leader: Sjoerd Hofstee, agricultural journalist, specialised in the dairy sector, moderator and more
Politics: Femke Wiersma, representative of the political party Boer Burger Beweging (BBB, farmer-citizen-movement), candidate for the provincial board of Fryslân;
Dairy sector: Sieta van Keimpema, representative of the Dutch Dairymen Board (former board member of the European Dairy Board);
Science: Ernst van den Ende, representative of Wageningen University & Research, director of the Animal Science Group

Supported by the following sponsors and further partners:

Friesland Campina
Royal Agrifirm Group


24 agricultural journalists from 14 different countries join the press tour to the Netherlands. Here is a list of the participants.

Johannes Schmidt Austria
Karin Huber Austria
Jef Verhaeren Belgium
Luc Servais Belgium
Maaike van de Putte Belgium
Melanie Epp Belgium/Canada
Frederik Thalbitzer Denmark
Henri Uotila Finland
Alina Uotila Finland
Yanne Boloh France
Claire Hue France
Christian Muehlhausen Germany
Joachim Hueter Germany
Aidan Brennan Ireland
Matteo Bernardelli Italy
Marie Hatlevoll Norway
Marius Ogrezeanu Romania
Malvina Gondova Slovakia
Juraj Huba Slovakia
Darinka Sebenik Slovenia
Juerg Vollmer Switzerland
Monika Gerlach Switzerland
Adrian Krebs Switzerland
Johann Tasker United Kingdom


Send your publications to us!

Participants, please send us your publication or video about the tour in the Netherlands! We highly appreciate it. Send it to siemesha@planet.nl. We assume you have no problem with us publishing the publications on the website of the Dutch Guild NVLJ and of ENAJ.

Thank you so much for taking part in the tour to the Netherlands!