Nineteen journalists from ten different African countries will be able to join the IFAJ 2018 Dutch Roots congress. The presence of the journalists is made possible thanks to the efforts of the agricultural representatives at some African embassies in conjunction with the Dutch government programme for entrepreneurship (RVO).

The Dutch Roots organization is very grateful for this initiative of all involved (embassies and government agencies) as these efforts have resulted in support of agricultural journalists of less well-off countries to join an IFAJ World Congress in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the presence of the selected journalists is a major boost in diversity of the congress attendance. The presence of such a wide range of young, African agricultural journalists at the Dutch Roots congress in Wageningen will also enable IFAJ to strengthen its reach out to support professional development in agricultural journalism and possible help to improve connections in those countries that do not yet have their own guild of agricultural journalists.

In total 19 journalists, representing Angola, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania, will come to the Netherlands for the IFAJ 2018 Dutch Roots congress. They represent general and agricultural media in their home countries, varying from radio and tv station to general newspapers and agricultural media.

The Dutch Roots organization invites all those joining the congress to get in touch with this group of African colleagues to share experiences and ideas, but most of all to make connections for future contact and information.