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Nieuwe Oogst is the multimedial platform for members of the Dutch regional agri- and horticultural organisations LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB. It is issued by AgriPers, on behalf of these organisations. Nieuwe Oogst informs farmers and other agribusiness professionals on news and developments in the agricultural industry on a national and regional level. It has the highest coverage and readers’ appreciation of all the agricultural media brands in the Netherlands.

The newspaper Nieuwe Oogst is exclusively for LTO members, but non-members are also reached through the digital channels. This means the platform Nieuwe Oogst reaches a vast majority of the agricultural sector.

Nieuwe Oogst appeared for the first time on May 13, 2005, as a collection of a larger number of media titles related to agricultural and horticultural organisations such as Oogst, Het Landbouwblad, Zuidland and Boer en Tuinder. Since 2014 the magazine appears in three editions: the regions North, Middle and South. Since 2008, the contents also appears on the agricultural news website

There are more than 25 editors, located in Zwolle. There are also smaller editorial teams in the cities ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Roermond, Haarlem and Drachten.



AgriPers is a publisher in the heart of the agricultural industry and produces relevant journalistic content for professionals in the agribusiness, through various media channels.

Its flagship product is the highly appreciated Nieuwe Oogst, a newspaper and website for Dutch farmers and professionals in the agribusiness.

AgriPers guides clients from the first stage of content ideation to production and publication (editing, printing, distribution). In various forms, such as traditional print, but also photography and video. We have professional facilities in the field of online media and video, such as cameras (including drone cameras), editing software and a TV studio including a green screen for various media productions. In addition, we have years of experience in media publishing and commercial marketing.

Nieuwe Oogst