Worldwide your partner in the business of flower bulbs and nursery stock!

Anthos: for and by the trade


Promoting interests at home and abroad, solving problems, answering queries, arranging debt collections, providing terms and conditions of sale and offering a wide range of services. That is the core business of Anthos, the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs.

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For and by the business


Anthos represents the companies that trade in flower bulbs and nursery stock products in many consultative structures with governments, public and private organisations at home and abroad. That way, their interests are promoted in the best possible way, while the organisation contributes to an improved business climate for its members in the sector.

On behalf of the trade, Anthos is dealing with promotion, market access, quality, plant health issues, the environment, customs issues, education, research and logistics.

Anthos is strongly involved in plant health issues. This especially relates to phytosanitary regulations and requirements of both the European Union and  export countries outside the EU. Our main priority is to ensure stable market access and to reduce the risk of possible rejections. This is important for our members since flowerbulbs and nursery stock are exported worldwide and we expect further expansion in the upcoming years.

Upon request of 20 trade companies Anthos launched the Platform ‘Sustainable Trade in Flowerbulbs and Perennials’ in September 2017. The main purpose is to ensure the ‘Licence to deliver’  by meeting the sustainable demands of society, consumers and  retail.

Anthos has a budget available to finance research projects that relate to the topics sustainablility, market acces and product quality.



Anthos  was established on 1 July 1996, following the merger between the Association for Flower Bulb Traders (1900) and the Association for Plant Traders (1917). During the celebrations of its 100th anniversary, the organisation received the designation ‘Royal’ by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in 2000. Anthos can pride itself upon a long record of service, with policies being drawn up by and for entrepreneurs and the implementation being in the hands of a professional secretariat.

iBulb: The future collective driven by entrepreneurs


iBulb is a foundation founded by Anthos. Trading companies in flower bulbs participate on a voluntary basis and pay a levy on the purchase value of the flower bulbs. The participants themselves decide on the disposable budget that is used for market access, technical research and PR activities.

Activities in the field of market access and technical research are carried out by employees of Anthos. The promotion employees of iBulb promote the use of flower bulbs, bulb flowers and ready-potted bulbs by means of worldwide PR activities and advertising campaigns. iBulb’s MediaFiler and Media Archive gives the press and iBulb’s participants access to a large quantity of digital visual material and press releases.

The Green City: live, work, care


Together with the LTO Vakgroep Bomen en Vaste Planten, Anthos participates in the foundation The Green City. The Green City aims to inform and stimulate the interest with authorities, organizations and companies which are professionally involved in planning and developing the urban area, ensuring green will be applied appropriately.

  • As partial solution to air- and water problems
  • To prevent social and societal degeneration
  • To make the urban area more attractive
  • It is our goal to secure the economic development of the urban area now and in the future. It should result into renewed planning concepts, both locally, nationally and internationally.