Consultants and accountants

Support in all stages of development


Flynth consultants & accountants supports entrepreneurs and their employees in reaching their full potential. We provide our clients with relevant figures at the right time, give advice and provide certainty on the basis of the latest insights from the market and law and legislation. With 1500 employees and approximately 60 branches, we are the Netherlands’ largest consultancy and accountancy firm for small and medium businesses. Flynth originated from a cooperative and this legacy still influences its practice today. We are there for entrepreneurs and their businesses in all stages of development.

Innovation and new opportunities in horticulture

Horticulture is a capital-intensive and technologically advanced sector. With investment issues, you weigh up both financial and social returns. The sector is in full swing, with new sources of energy such as geothermal energy, innovative cultivation systems, internationalization, alternative forms of financing and cooperation in sales and operations. Flynth is happy to advise you on the points of attention in your field, such as:

  • energy and innovations
  • financing, liquidity and subsidies
  • strategy formation
  • tax matters
  • international collaboration
  • internationalization
  • personnel issues and HRM