Since centuries the Dutch have played a major role in global agribusiness. Skills, knowledge, products, technique and also genetic material with ‘Dutch roots’ are spread all over the world. It brought the nation prosperity: it contributed to the development of Amsterdam as a main trade city and Rotterdam as a main port to Europe. Even the Dutch masters are linked, as wealthy trade people and agriculture created a scenery where now famous painters could prosper.

Nowadays, the Netherlands have the world’s best secured food security. The Dutch stand second in the global list of agro-exporters. But not all is positive. Therefore, public and political criticism is non-stop loud and many agri-businesses have not been profitable for years.

In this harsh climate, agribusiness is acting in a world facing several tipping points. Demographical, ecological, economic, political and technological challenges ask for disruptive solutions. Can and will Dutch agribusiness contribute to changes that bring the world new ‘masterpieces’?


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